#ISAS 2023 #Novi Sad #Serbia #18-20/09/2023


It is pleasure to invite you to take part with an oral or poster presentation. Also, you have an opportunity to present your institution, company, product or service at this event. 

At the Symposium, the experts and researchers from all over the world will present results of their research,  in all fields of animal production, wildlife and game management, aquaculture, animal health, welfare and biosecurity.


The Goal of this scientific event is to establish better collaboration between animal science researchers, as well as experts and researchers from industry, trade and other related fields, world wide. Discussions and conclusions within different fields of research work should open up key questions through current topics related to sustainable animal production and its resilience in the climate and other current global challenges. Further, ISAS aims at better understanding of current animal production issues, developing networks for better availability and applicability of new solutions and research topics with the inclusion of the Responsible Research Innovation principle. 


Department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Novi Sad  and Institute of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture, University of Belgrade  both have a long tradition in organizing scientific events.

Department of Animal Science has been the successful organizer of the International Symposium "New Technologies in  Contemporary Animal Production" twenty four times.  At the same time, Institute of Animal Science was the organizer of twenty national conferences "Innovations in Animal Science" which in 2012 evolved into "The First International  Symposium on Animal Science" - ISAS.  

These two institutions have decided to continue the  tradition by joint forces, and the "International Symposium on animal science (ISAS) 2014" is the first result of that cooperation. 

In the previous years we organized symposium in Herceg Novi, Montenegro (2017), Belgrade, Serbia (2018), and the last time again in Herceg Novi, Montenegro (2019). Unfortunately, the ISAS symposium was canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic Covid-19. Therefore, we have been without this event for three years, so now we are looking forward to the continuation of the old tradition of the ISAS symposium in September 2023.

ISAS 2019, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

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